Surah Kausar For Enemies – Surah For Victory Over Enemy


Surah Kausar for Enemies

Inna Atey Nal Kausar. Fasal Lee Rab Beeka Wan Har. Inna Shaneeaakaa Huaal Abtar.

Surah Kausar Enemies

There are tons of benefits of reciting Surah Kausar every day. One of the biggest benefit of this surah for enemies is that it helps you in getting victory over your rival. The last line in the Surah is translated as “surely your enemy will never be successful in anything they do”. This clearly indicates that the Surah Kausar in Quran is the Surah for victory over enemy.

No matter, how difficult a situation may seem like right now. Maybe someone is trying to force to do something that you don’t want to. You may feel that you cannot handle the pressure. But, with Surah Kausar for enemies, you can definitely get Allah Subhan Wa Taala blessings to win over your opponent. This powerful surah for enemies will boost your confidence and motivate you to give a tougher fight. The Surah Kausar in Quran is known as the most effective Surah for victory over enemy.

Surah For Victory Over Enemy

At times, at school or colleges, you may have enemies because of the competition. The students always want to be the most popular one. If you want to achieve the same and someone is trying to create difficulties for you, then you can use this surah for enemies on them. Yes, it is allowed and halal in Islam to use the Surah for victory over enemy. Thw Surah Kausar for enemies has been blessed to help people who are dominated by their enemies, easily.

At times, people may think that you are an easy target and they may bully you at office or near you home. Do not tolerate this. Instead start practicing the amal of Surah Kausar for enemies from today only. This result generating surah for enemies will not only protect you but it will also let you destroy your enemy. It is not good to pray for someone’s destruction but you must do everything to protect yourself. The Surah for victory over enemy is the best way to revenge your loss.

Surah For Enemies

victroy our enemy

If someone has hurt you bad in business or in love relationship. Or if any of your relative or colleague is trying to financially ditch you. You must not wait for them to cause you any further trouble. Instead, use the amal of Surah Kausar for enemies from today only. It is not wise to wait for mis-happening to occur. One must protect himself or herself before anything bad may happen. It is best to practice the surah for enemies to keep your rivals busy in their troubles, so that they couldn’t find any time to make your life miserable.

The surah for enemies has the power to keep your enemies away from you. So, that you can feel safe and do the regular tasks with a stress free mind. No matter how big or powerful your enemy is you can still win over him or her by using the Surah for victory over enemy.


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